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Moving Better than I have in Years

I found Mihlon Family Chiropractic through a referral on Facebook.  I was suffering miserably from sciatica & my occupation requires me to be on feet for many hours each day.  I grew up going to a chiropractor so I knew what to expect.  My pain level in just a few visits dropped in half, I'm sleeping better & able to drive long distances without a ton of pain.  The Doc & Sylvia are AWESOME!  I would highly recommend anyone come to this office for the best care in town.   S.Aquilino  7/18/16

Double Vision CORRECTED

I've been to many chiropractors over the years & hadn't had an adjutment in over 1 year.  My hip pain was so bad it became constant.  I never had any chiropractor do such a thorough evaluation & explanation of what they do.  While I came in because of my hip pain, I noticed after the 2nd adjustment that my double vision had improved.  I've had that for many years & never told Dr. Anita about this.  I thought it was merely coincidental & when I returned for my next visit, I asked her to explain what the effect is when I get my neck adjusted.  Sure enough, she showed me how those nerves go to my eyes & I told Dr. Anita about the change in my vision.  I'm shocked that chiropractic could straighten my double vision that I've been suffering with for many years.  It's unbelievable.  I'm also sleeping so much better since I began care.  I can say that without chiropractic care my quality of life was deteriorating & since getting under care @ Dr. Anita's, I'm feeling great & have since brought in my wife.  The office is straight forward & honest about everything.                                  L. McClintock 7/8/16

All Families Should Come Here

I had ongoing sharp pain in my left should joint.  Later, my entire left arm went dead.  I suffered for months with increasing pain which was moving to my right arm too.  My husband took me to his Chiropractor.  In just 2 months, my pain was gone, my arm returned to good health and I did not need to have rotator cuff surgery!  Dr. Anita has returned my husband to a manageable level of flexibility after long periods of back and leg pain.  My children are under her loving care, each for their own ailments.

If your body is hurting, joints swelling or your back aching....RUN, don't walk to the one place that HELPED my entire family.                      We LOVE Dr. Anita      M'Linda Kula April 2016

Chronic Sinusits & Allergies

I suffered for a long time with acute & chronic sinusitis  due to allergies.  My face would actually be swollen and painful.  I was told I had nasal poyps and they would swell when my allergies were aggravated.  Since starting care with Dr. Anita, my facial swelling went down, polyps stopped causing pain and my allergies have become very manageable.  I'm confident had I not come to see Dr. Anita my allergies would worsen and my neck pain would progressively get more fregquent.  Chiropractic care allows me to not have to worry about my allergies or sinusitis, my neck feels so much better & I feel overall much healthier.  F. Kula  4/21/16

Awesome Experience

I came to Mihlon Family Chiropractic Center in April 2015 in severe pain from sciatica.  I could barely walk or sit.  After only a few visits the pain subsided.  Now after each visit, I feel healthy & refreshed.  I would highly recommend Mihlon Family Chiropractic Center to everyone!  D. Murphy 

Months of shoulder pain

I met Dr. Anita @ a festival in May 2014 whereby my pain in my shoulder/arm had worsened significantly from October 2013.  On the spot, she determined immediately that it was my neck not my shoulder/arm that was causing the pain.The pain went all the way down to my fingers.  I couldn't do normal activities like getting dressed, brushing my teeth, showering, writing, driving, & sleeping comfortably.  It made me so irritable & tired constantly.  I tried many painkillers from the orthopedic & next was surgery.  That sounded strange so I opted out.  No one can function properly without proper rest & I barely slept 4 hours/night & it was affecting my work performance & home life.  I am a great believer in chiropractic care for the long term.  My pain returned again but after a week of treatment, it lessened considerably.  Best part of chiropractic to me is that I'm medication free, can think clearly & function normally.  Dr. Anita's personal interest in her patients is reflected with her office as well.  It's so refreshing to that that touch in this day & age of recorded messages, voicemail & unprofessionalism. I so enjoy Dr. Anita's way of "booking" appts, which is non-existent!  All I can say is Thank You, Dr. Anita!  A. Sabatino 4/14/15

Was considering neck surgery

My husband was seeing Dr. Mihlon for his lower back problems when she suggested that I come in for an evaluation to see what she could do to help.  I wasn't able to move my neck, had incredible pain & constant numbness into my hands.  I was ready to go for injections & then surgery if that didn't work.  Dr. Mihlon convinced me to wait & try chiropractic.  Surprisingly, the pain is gone, I can move my head & the numbness in my hands is a thing of the past.  I will always come back to retain the comfort I now have.  The office is very informative, caring and helpful in all stages with a friendly staff too.  P. Fella 1/16/15

I can't turn my head!

I met Dr. Anita @ Ocean Gate Day & had been struggling with an inability to turn my head.  I also had some hip pain when I started.  I'm no longer in pain, can turn my head like normal, am sleeping sooo much better & my energy is really picking up.  Had I not came in to get care, I think I would've wound up with a cane or walker.  I've been to other chiropractors but Dr. Mihlon really helped me the most. They are nice folks to see when you're not feeling your best.  I would recommend Dr. Mihlon to everyone.            L. Nevins 10/17/14

I'll Never Stop Going

I had hip surgery March 2014 and since then, my whole body has been painful and felt like it was out of alignment.  I've been seeing Dr. Mihlon for a little over a month & I feel 85% improvment.  I no longer suffer with shoulder, lower back or neck pain.  I walk straighter, sleep better, have less stress and honestly words can't really express how I feel.  (Just Wonderful!)  If I didn't come in, I believe that I would eventually be unable to walk, probably on a ton of pain meds and/or having another surgery.  Mostly I'd be very, very unhealthy.  I will never stop going because I don't believe in taking meds so this approach is wonderful.  I feel like a new person.  The office is stress free, I can come on my own terms, and the education Dr. Mihlon shares with patients regularly keeps me up to date on all kinds of health related issues.   D. Laird 10/14/14

My Chiropractic Story

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from asthma, sickness, and all kinds of back pain. Just a few short years ago I decided to give chiropractic a try, and it was the best decision that I have ever made. In the past, I was getting sick at least 3-5 times per year, but since being introduced chiropractic care I have not been seriously ill for 3 years. Also, I no longer have asthma or any of its side-effects, which means no more inhalers or expensive doctor visits. On top of that, I have a noticeable increase in energy and my back and neck pain exceptionally decreased. Thank You Mihlon Family Chiropractic        K. Kluin 7/14/14

Good Bye Back Problems

I had SEVERE lower back pain which became unbearable while driving & was going down my right leg.  After finding a coupon, I decided that I suffered long enough & it was time to do something more.  I couldn't be more happy with my results.  My pain is gone from my leg & only occasionally do I get lower back pain.  If I hadn't decided to see what Dr. Mihlon had to say about it, it was consuming my life.  I now am doing all the things I love to do.  Chiropractic is the best thing I've ever donwe for myself!  As a side note since being under chiropractic care, my GP has cut 2 of my meds in 1/2 & my last blood check, my cholesterol  numbers had improved.  I really like learning new things  & how chiropractic can benefit.  I will continue to keep myself under chiropractic as long as possible.   M. Runski 2/12/12


No More Allergy Suffering

I have been suffering with allergies for many years.  I have used over the counter medications as well as prescriptions drugs. Unfortunately, these have not given me the relief I was looking for.  Several months ago, Dr. Anita began treating me with chiropractic adjustments and recommended a supplement, Allerplex, for my symptoms.  How pleasantly surprised I was when I realized how much better I felt.  I would surely recommend this course of treatment for anyone suffering with allergies.  M. Willi   6/11/14

Migraines Are GONE!!!

I have lived with horrible debilitating migraines for years.  They were the worst!  Had them nearly every 2 weeks and would wind up bedridden, having to sleep it off for nearly 12 hours each time.  Been to many specialists and was put on heavy duty migraine medication daily yet, I still would get them but the meds would help with the pain.  Since beginning care with Dr. Mihlon, my migraines are almost completely gone, I feel better, think more clearly, and I'm HAPPY!  I don't know where my health would be if I hadn't made the decision to try chiropractic.  Finally, the doctor fixed it by addressing the cause of my migraines.  The office is very friendly, supportive & extremely informative.  They always have tips on what we can do to keep healthy & improve our lives.   Thanks Dr. Mihlon for keeping my heatlh in balance and helping me to be Migraine Free! Sincerely, J. Hagenbach 3/20/11

No More Need for Drugs!

I began treatment with Dr. Mihlon at the end of April in 2009.  At that time, I had quite a bit of back pain and difficulty walking.  I'm not a big fan of pills but due to recommendations from my MD, I was taking drugs for both sugar and cholesterol.  The challenges in my back took quite a while to fix and every now and again it comes back.  But, I know now all I have to do is let Dr. Mihlon know and she'll fix me right up.  After listening to all the different things Dr. Mihlon shares with you each visit regarding health & nutrition, I decided to take a chance and reduce my medications on my own slowly to see if there was any change.  I did not share this with my MD and felt that once I had new blood work, if I really did need those medications then I would resume taking them.  I gradually weaned myself off my sugar pills completely & I've decreased my cholesterol pills in half. I just had blood work done and my sugar levels were normal and my cholesterol has not really gone up.  I then proceeded to tell my MD what I had been doing and all he could say was that he couldn't explain why it happened.  My thought was I probably didn't need any of those drugs to begin with.  After sharing this with Dr. Mihlon, we realized that the only thing I had done differently from when I started taking those drugs was that I am getting my spine adjusted every week.  There must really be something to Chiropractic because I'm proof that you can get free of taking drugs.  Thank you so much Dr. Mihlon for teaching me and helping me so that I no longer have to take medicine.  Sincerely - J. Knapp    12/6/10

Why Try Chiropractic?

I came to Dr. Mihlon many years ago and recently decided to try Chiropractic again to keep my back healthy.  Due to my job, I use my back all the time and thought it would be a wise decision to keep my back healthy so I can continue working for many years to come.  Since starting Chiropractic care, I noticed something different.  I had a lot of pain in my knee for over 2 months and coincidentally since getting adjusted and realigned my back, my knee pain is nearly gone.  I can tell when I haven't been adjusted or missed my visit because my knee acts up on me.  I believe that maintaining your posture is so important and keeping your spine balanced will improve your quality of life.  The office hourse are very convenient, I never have to wait, can come when I want to and I always feel so welcome there.   Thanks - Mike Cottrell   2/18/10

Amazing Results

I first met Dr. Mihlon at a senior meeting where she gave a wonderful demonstration.  I had a very stiff neck which prevented me from having full rotation of my head and my head was leaning very forward.  My wife was always telling me to stand up straight as my posture was progressively getting worse.  I knew right away that Dr. Mihlon was the doctor for me and I decided to give Chiropractic a try.  That was over 3 years ago and I'm still going and my posture continues to improve.  I went from almost no rotation in my neck when I began to full and complete rotation.  Had I not decided to give Dr. Mihlon & Chiropractic a shot, I would be bent over and have all the problems of a very old man.   Because of chiropractic care, I will be free of the many aches & pains that most seniors suffer from.  What I like best about the office and chiropractic is that I always feel great when I get my adjustments and the office is such a great family atmosphere.   J. Mooney 2/5/10

No More Migraines!

After having suffered from severe migraines and not sleeping for days, I went to the hospital.  I was given meds and a prescription for others, while waiting for my Rx to be filled, I wound up throwing up right there in Rite Aid.  While driving past Dr. Mihlon's office, I decided to just stop in and see if she could help me.  It's been amazing.  My head doesn't hurt anymore.  I don't live off bottles of tylenol.  The best part is that over Christmas break when they were closed, I had a severe migraine and just took a chance to see if she might be at the office and she was.  Dr. Mihlon took me right in even though they were closed and didn't hesitate to help me in my crisis.  Chiropractic keeps me happy, healthy and migraine free.    JM   1/20/10

Phenomenal Chiropractic Success

Dear Dr. Mihlon,

     I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent hob you have done aligning my back and neck in order to reduce the pain in my arms.  In short, I began having pain up and down my right arm & shoulder, but I had no idea why.  I looked up the definition of several possibilities like bursitis and others that I had heard about but, none described my pain.  So, I went to an office of neurology, thinking it might be nerve pain from a broken back in 1968, but the first doctor prescribed physical therapy, which aggravated the pain, so I quit after 1 day.  The 2nd doctor was going to give me massive injections of some kind of pain killer in my spinal chord, so i never returned.  I instinctively knew that these doctors were not treating the right cause of my pain.  tWhen my  pain spread from my right arm to my left arm as well, i decided to try chiropractic because the only diagnosis that seemed to explain my symptoms was misalighed neck vertebra pinching nerves that went to both sides of my body, & I'm very glad I did.  After you adjusted my back & neck just one time, I immediately felt a very clear reduction in pain, and have continued to feel further relief ever since.  Now what was a problem that was gettting worse every day with no end in sight is a problem that is gettting bettter every day with every reason to believ that I will be able to lead a relatively pain-free life at some time in the near future with continued adjustments.

     You have dramtically altered the quality of my life and I want to thank you very much for your successful efforts.  chiropractic was the solution to my problem and you were the chiropractor who did it and I am very grateful for the pain relief fyou have brought to my life, which affects every aspect of my daily routine that used to be filled with very limiting pain in my arms.      Sincerely,  Walker Thomas

Dear Dr. Anita,

Once again your great chiropractic skills and words of wisdom hav edelivered me from the misery of severe discomfort.  I took your advice & bought a pair of new balance sneakers for walking and wore them for 4 days - the pain is gone!!  Only to prove that the simple is often profound.  Many, many thanks for listening to your patients and for using the gifts God has given you to help others.  "I'm so glad I came!"                       Thankfullly, a very happy patient,  Jan Dellaperute

Chiropractic Skeptic! 

For many years, I have heard many stories about Chiropractors and how it is just a big scam.  Well, just before Christmas I was up on a 6 ft. ladder about 2 steps when trying to lean forward so I wouldn't fall, I felt a little pull behind both legs.  I figured I might have pulled both hamstrings a little.  The next day when I woke up I had pain behind both legs so I thought it would take a couple of days to get better.  After nursing myself for 2 months, I knew it wasn't getttng any better and I reached a point that I couldn't even walk 25 ft. to get my mail so I called my Dr., he told me I screwed up my lower back and maybe my lumbar or disc.  He gave me pills for the pain and suggested I got to physical therapy.  At that point I was using a walker to try to get around a little bit.  I almost crawled into health South clinging to that walker for dear life, I was feeling at an all time low.  They put me on a 3 times per week exercise program and after 2 weeks they had me walking with the help of a cane.  After 1 month I was doing better but I was still in a lot of pain so, I decided to try a chiropractor.  Dr. Mihlon took x-rays, showed me where my back and legs and neck were screwed up.  She gave me my 1st adjustment and after tall, all i felt was pain in my back.  When I awoke the next day pain wasn't as bas as it has been in months.  Each day I felt better and better and gave up my cane.  I would say to all the good Chiropractors out there I am truly sorry for not believing in you before.  there have been times in the last 4 months where I thought I'd never walk again.  I just thank God for leading me to Dr. Mihlon because she has truly changed my life.          Fred Hopke

 Chiropractic Supporter in spite of needed spine surgery

Many years ago my back went out in the middle of a major intersection in Newark.  In time I visited a chiropractor (Dr Rada) and he, through manipulations an personal exercise I recovered with little or no additional problems for years.  An accident forbad me to continue my exercise routine and my vertebrae condition returned.  I then began seeing Dr. Mihlon whose treatments were of some help but with further examination, accurate diagnoses and honesty she determined that in fact chiropractic care would be insufficient and may even be harmful to my ruptured and herniated disks. Her recommendations set me on the proper path and I am now active rather than bed ridden.  Thank you Dr.   I am so pleased with her ability I have since recommended her to my sister-in-law who periodically visits from Texas.  She too has had great success with Dr. Mihlon and her permanent chiropractor in Houston.    John Scherm

Chiropractic Patient For Life
I have had bad back problems for over 40 years-chronic low back pain,arthritis, stenosis bulging discs,etc. I have been under chiropractic care for at least 20 years and have been a patient of Dr. Anita since she was in her old office! She has seen me through many episodes of increased pain, facet syndrome, and has basically kept me upright! My husband also has back problems and has seen Dr. Anita almost as long as I have, and we both swear by her care!!              Linda Rowe

Dear Dr.

My first experience with chiropractic was one of learning. It happened because of a deer running into my car.  Medication gave me very little relief except for drug induced sleep. I had been to one of your lectures.   After a few visits to your center, I decided to keep a maintenance schedule in order to “keep on track”.    I definitely walk straighter and feel better after a visit! Thank you for your care and your caring.       Sincerely, Nora S.Jelley

I met Dr. Mihlon @ my church health fair.  Suffering for over a year with back pain, I could bearly walk.  I went to my primary MD who gave me a shot - it didn't work.  Went to an orthopedic MD, was given a series of shots with no results, still in pain.  I have never been to a chiropractor in my life.  Dr. Anita suggested I come to her office for an evaluation.  I've been going ever since.  While going for myself, I brought my granddaughter who I've been raising since she was 3.  She is diagnosed with PDDNOS (a form of autism) & also with depression.  I felt if this could help me, maybe it willhelp her stand up staight and she's been coming with me ever since.  About 2 weeks ago her teacher said she noticed her happy and smiling and then a few days later, her bus driver and aide stated how she was just so very happy and smiling.  Then to top it off, I had her to her psychiatrist and the doctor was so pleased with her progress, she sate there beaming from ear to ear.  Thank you Dr. Anita!      Pat Carta 11/19/09

For ove 25 years, I have lived with sever back pain.  Pain which I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life.  Several weeks ago I pulled my  lower back muscle while bowling - so sever was the pain I couldn't sit down as the pains was so bad when I got up.  For years I had gone to a chiropractor with some results but, not enough, so, I stopped.  Thise time it was so severe I had to get some kind of relief.  I called Dr. Mihlon and was told to come right over.  X-rays & a scan was taken - on Friday- she said she couldn't do anything until the results were in on Monday.  I went back on Monday , she explained my problems and adjusted my back.  I was was still in severe pain.  As I awoke the next morning, I couldn't believe I had no more pain - After only 1 treatment!  But, that's not the most amazing part.  For years, I couldn't walk down stairs, except one at a time as I had severe pain in both knees (job related).  At home I would walk down the stairs backwards.  Here's the amazing part, while walking down the stairs of my deck with my wife, when I got to the bottom I looked @ my wife and said "Oh my God, did you just see how I walked down the stairs regular"!  I couldn't believe it as I didn't mention anything about my knees to Dr. Mihlon.  I feel like a new man!  I am now a TRUE BELIEVER IN CHIROPRACTIC CARE!!!       Erich Schulze 10/12/09

As a clinical nurse that has worked in the hospital setting for 34 years, I have sustained back injuries in various locations, including spinal fusion surgery.  I have always believed chiropractic therapy would be detrimental and possibly injurious, therefore never considered it.  For 20 years, I have often times suffered low back pain, leg cramsps, numb hands & fingers, etc.  My attitude has always been to take care of the symptoms as they occured.  On March 10th, Dr. Mihlon came to our clubhouse & gave us a dynamic & informative talk, plus an offer of a free checkup.  Upon visiting Dr. Mihlon's office & receiving a thorough spinal exam - including x-rays, I signed up for treatment.  I am now a proponent of chiropractic care and after just 4 spinal adjustments, I feel better already!     Gratefully submitted, Joan Englebrook 3/30/09

Dear Dr. Mihlon,

This is a list of improvements I noticed since you began adjusting my spine on 1/31/08:  1.  lower back strong, standing straight(not bent forward in pain 7 weakness)  2.  shoulder stronger - can keep them back (erect position) all the time  3.  thinking better, more clearly  4.  voice clearer - not weak & husky 5. lungs stronger, can breathe deeply  6. no more irregular and racing heart beat  7. blood sugar levels good - no ups & downs  8.  no numbness in bottom of feet anymore  9.  painful kot in uper spine gone  11.  bumpy car ride doesn't hurt neck & spine anymore  12. can bend over without pain and support to reach the floor  13. walking with energy and ease  14.  circulation better  15.  no arthritic pain in fingers, hip & knees  16.  no longer have pain when get out of chair or bend over to garden work  17.  no more stiff & painful joints from sitting - joints more fluid  18.  can lift left knee up high with strenght now, too weak before  19.  I have a new feeling of well-being! 20.  A comfortable & good nights sleep now.     Thank you Dr. Mihlon       Karin Mercy 4/2/08

I began Chiropractic care on July 6, 2006 after suffering from severe pain in my "gluteus maximus" radiating to my back and down my right leg.  I was unable to walk without the help of a walker or other adjunct with wheels.  I met Dr. Mihlon @ a health fair and thought I should give it a try as I knew about chiropractic for years but began thinking in earnest in 2003.  Almost immediately and certainly within 3 adjustments, I noticed amazing results.  I do proclaim the benefits of chiropractic care to my family and friends. 

M. Leclerq 6/1/07

I came to Dr. Mihlon in October 2003 because I hurt my back and could hardly walk or do anything.  Right away, I started noticing improvement in my pain and mobility.  I also notice that my allergies are not as severe, I have less frequent headaches and I'm able to walk longer.  I'm working on bringing my wife to see Dr. Mihlon.    John Lepnick  11/20/03

When I first came to Dr. Mihlon in August 2004, I had already been to another chiropractor and wasn't getting any better and I was in bad shape.  I couldn't get in or out of my car, out of bed, turn sharpley or walk without pain.  It took me a couple of months to conquer my pain but, this last bout, it took me only a week. This was the best recovery time I have ever had.  I have not been sick all year, not even a cold!  I now go regularly and couldn't imagine my life without chiropractic.      Carol Lebers 12/09

After attending a breakfast with Dr. Mihlon, I decided to try chiropractic to help me take control of my health.  I was on a lot of pills which made me tired all the time.  Within about a month or so, I started to notice improvements in my overall health.  Now, I don't take a lot of pills anymore, my blood work has improved so that I no longer feel the need for them.  Chiropractic has really helped me be healthier.  Carol Sorge

I constantly heard the radio commercials and finally decided to try chiropractic care for my backache and migraines on 6/25/07.  I suffered almost dail with migaines and my back hurt so much that I couldn't do my normal daily activities.  Surprisingly, my back started feeling better with  my first couple of adjustments.  My headaches have gotten better, and less frequent in the past year.  My acid reflux has disappeared and I'm no longer breaking out in  a rash from sunlight.  Now my husband comes and we are finally healthy.  We will continue to come to keep ourselves healthy.     Sherylnn Miller  1/2010

Coming to Mihlon Chiropractic Center has been one of the best decisions I've made.  My back is so much better than a year ago, less pain to deal with on a daily basis.  My migraines aren't as severe as they were a year ago and that is so wonderful, especially when you suffer daily with headaches.  I thank Dr. Anita very much for making my life easier and much happier.       Linda Wozniak  6/2008

  Hello, I do not know if you remember me, but in January I went to see you for a promotional appointment. Because I have Ehlers Danlos and came to you for head pain you took flexion/extension xrays, and told me to take them to a neurologist.I had multiple follow up scans, and May 30th I actually had C1-C7 fusion surgery down in Maryland. I just wanted to say thank you, because you saved my life by catching the instability with those scans and with your advice to me on how to proceed. Further scans showed there was a lot of pressure on my brain stem, which was pushed lower due to the flow of CSF being kinked and the ventricles in my brain being swollen. My C1 was especially unstable. I cannot express my appreciation enough!!! I'm doing so much better post surgery and recovering well. Thank you so much again. Definitely I will do that, and do not mind at all if you use my testamonial on your page. I think you literally saved my life. My C1 was so unstable I was told if I had fallen I would have been dead or a quadriplegic.   Thank you so much!         -Jennifer Terranova  6/2018