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What Is Chiropractic

Literally, Chiropractic means, "done by the hand." It is a method of healing without drugs or surgery. The Doctor of Chiropractic works with the nerves by performing specific Spinal Adjustments. An Adjustment removes Subluxation, (the term to indicate vertebrae are not properly aligned), which block the proper function of the nerves and cells.

The spinal column houses and protects the spinal cord , through which the nerves flow. The nerves branch off of the spinal cord, and exit between the vertebrae connecting, directly or indirectly, with every cell in your body.

A vertebra that is not lined up properly, or Subluxated will place pressure on the nerves of the area. This pressure will not allow proper communication to take place in the nerve cell. This causes two things;

First, when the vertebrae shift out of place, the nerves become irritated. This pinching or interference can send pain and other symptoms to the brain. Some symptoms are worse than others. Some people suffer from severe headaches and nausea; others feel a mild pain or pulling sensation in the neck or shoulders; still others have numbness, restricted movements or even paralysis.

Second, nerve impulses cause a cell to vibrate, telling it to increase or decrease its physiological function. Any interference to the nerve, even as slight as the weight of a single human hair, can send the wrong message to a cell, causing it to function too much or too little, producing a sick cell. Ultimately, this malfunctioning message system can damage the internal organs - the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, et cetera.

When the vertebrae line up properly, the nerves are able to transmit and receive messages efficiently and correctly. This is similar to aligning the tires on a car. When in alignment, tires wear evenly, functioning as the manufacturer intended. When your spine is in alignment and you are free of Subluxation, your body functions in the way it was designed.

What Causes the Vertebra to Be Out of Alignment?
STRESS causes Subluxation! This Stress may be Physical, Emotional, or Chemical. It is easy to see how auto accident could cause Subluxation. However, emotional stress may cause Subluxation just as easily. You can even be born with Subluxation, the birth process is often quite stressful. Poor posture, tension, and even seemingly innocent everyday habits, such as a pattern of tilting your head to cradle a telephone, can cause Subluxation.